Our Vision and Mission


We envisage our students to :
  Imbibe right attitude, Values, ideals & ideologies.
 Achieve academic excellence through hard work, Critical thinking & effective decision making.
 Facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skill & methodologies.
 Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of their pupils.
 Render Selfless Service to the Community
Our mission is to Strive to provide:
 Intellectually well developed – socially Concerned, morally upright & Spiritually oriented Citizens for the Nations.
 Provide programs at both undergraduate & Post graduate levels based upon sound practice.
 Pedagogical & clinical Provide a Variety of teaching venues incorporating the latest technology to a range of diverse student  interest, backgrounds & aspiration.
 Maintain resources & facilities that allow each program to meet its expected outcomes.
 Engage in outreach services to address specific needs in the border community, to enhance student-learning 
 To instil commitment to service,
 To conduct research to advance knowledge & to contribute to the common good.