• The campus of the institute is spread over an expanse of 14.5 acres and is being developed into the institutional establishment with all the modern amenities.Besides the main institute building, the campus is coming up with The academic blocks comprise of
    (1)  Maharaja College (Education)
    (2)  Maharaja International School
    The Campus is designed to provide students and faculty members a serene and calm environment suitable for academic and other creative activities.
  • Wireless Campus
  • The institute has a Wi-Fi facility in the laboratories and in the whole building for the student and faculty members to avail Internet       connection at any place in the college building.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply facility.
  • The institute has a 5 kVA Diesel Generator set dedicated connection in the absence of power cut by MPSEB. An Addition connection       through Inverter is also available in case of emergency.


The classrooms of the college are quite spacious with good environment. The pupil teachers & staff are engaged in various educational and planning activities. Hence, the


classroom is equipped with all the entertaining objects. It is furnished with long benches with a seating capacity of two students. A lot of space is available to exhibiting lesson plans in the classrooms with a seating capacity varies from 25 students to 150 students.




  • The library of the college is housed in a 525 sq.feet and well furnished hall. It has a collection of more than 3000 volumes of books, national journals and

    international journals. Every Year at least 200 books would be added as per requirement well in advance. Library activities are completely computerized. Here are few features of Library.

  • Research Topics and Support
  • New arrival list
  • E – news paper
  • Electronic journals/books
  • Connectivity with other libraries
  • Books and Journals from DELNET &

Library and Book Bank

Maharaja College started the Book Bank activity for the college attending teacher students in 2006 by collecting a little amount of Rs, 10/- from its alumni as a poor Boys fund. In the first year about 25 students took the advantage of the Book Bank and now the number of students taking advantage of it has increased to more than 50, thus proving its success. To save the precious time and valuable money of the Students College has opened its door for various other faculty students also.

Seating capacity of Library Reading Room


Number of Books in the Library


Number of Journals subscribed


Number of Multimedia literature


LCD Video Projection Facility

We have established Video conferencing hall with a LCD Projection facility which is an important collaborative tool which allows live interactive lectures and discussions between classrooms around the world via the internet. We offers the college one options for video conferencing through Skype.  The Skype option is free it requires no technical support and is designed to be set up by the users. Skype is a basic video call it has limited data sharing and severely limited multi point conferencing options. We lend webcams with built-in microphones for Skype users.

Educational Technology Lab

Overhead Projectors :
We are having two overhead projectors to teach and to train our pupil teachers under educational technology subject for the use of low-cost interactive environment for educators. A Training to prepare Teaching materials by printing or writing on plastic sheets, upon which the educator/pupil teachers can directly write using a non-permanent, washable colour marking pen. This saves time, to communicate the teaching points to students, since the transparency can be pre-printed and used repetitively, rather than having materials written manually before each class.

Work Experience of Gardening

This institute has been accredited by the Learning through Gardening under work experience since 2005. Our course of work experience are such in gardening which bring our pupil teachers to the most up-to-date material available under horticulture. Annually the college conduct examination through Vikram University on this subject by enenhancing professional qualifications of teacher trainees to clean & save the environment.

Computer Lab

The institute has an advanced computer laboratory with the capacity to accommodate about 35 computers of latest configuration. All the computers are interconnected by LAN/WAN with internet facility. The infrastructure is supported by a number of high-end servers.

Phychology Lab

As per norms and standards imposed by NCTE this College has setup well designed and modern Psychology Lab including online testing. Career and personal counseling by our Academicians, and councellor are available to discuss individual pupil teacher concerns. Services are intended to help students recognize and deal effectively with academic, personal, interpersonal, and career difficulties. The College has one Lady professional counselor.

Language Lab

Recently college has started language teaching through language Lab in our College due to the prominent reasons for low standards of education at secondary level in teaching English & Sanskrit. This weakness can be removed by having an effective Pre-service & in-service training programme in languages using Language Lab equipment & Softwares.

Security System

Eight Camera are attached with the network with the computer and software to the different location of the college including college Canteen so as to to monitor raging of the students. We have our own IP address and built-in computing functions to handle network communication. Everything required for viewing images over the Network is built into the unit through security software and can be accessed by the Management any where.

DG Sets Generator

DG Sets Generators is one of the important feature in the college to get an uninterated power supply during examination Laboratory work. We are having 5KVA Generator Sets which is connected to entire college building.