General Information


General Information 

  1. Name and address of the Institution - Maharaja College Ujjain 

District-  Ujjain                                              State- M.P.


Telephone No. with Code-0734-2520220,21 

  1. Year of establishment – 2005 
  • Teacher Education Programmes (s) offered in the Institution
Sr. Name of Existing Programms File Code/ Number Date of Recog/Permission Grant ApprovedIntake  (Nu. ofStudents)
1 Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) WRC/2-32/222076/75/2005/5772WRC/APW/07026/222076/139TH/2010/70/02 21/07/200519/06/2010 5050
2 Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) WRC/2-32/223186/73/2005/4615 14/06/2005 100
3 Master of Education (M.Ed.) WRC/5-6/113TH/2008/49545-46950WRC/APW06328/225110/140TH/2010/73643WRC/APW06328/225110/MP/2015/136064 13/01/200912/01/201120/05/2015 253550


 Details of Affiliation

  1. No.
Programme Name of the Number and Year
Affiliating Body Affiliation
1 M.Ed. Vikram University,Ujjian Affiliation No. 4075 –  Dt.17.08.2015 for Session 2016-17
2 B.Ed. Vikram University,Ujjian Affiliation No. 4082 –  Dt.19.08.2015 for Session 2016-17
3 D.El.Ed. M.P. Board, Bhopal College Code 44201- Session 2014-17




  1. Status of Affiliation

  • Permanent/Temporary –
  • B.Ed.      Permanent
  • M. Ed.    Temperary
  • D.El.Ed. Temporary

In the case of Temporary Affiliation, it is valid up to- M.Ed. 2016-17, D.El.Ed- Upto 2017

  1. Type of Management (Mark which is applicable)
  • Self-financing Institution

In case of Self financing Institution the institution is managed by

  • Registered Society
  • Status of the Institution (Mark which is applicable)
      • Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme (s)
  1. Institution meant for


  1. Accessibility

Whether accessible in all-weather and through Pucca Road                 Yes

Name of the Nearest Railway Station –   Ujjain City